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Captain Watson on leave enjoying the view while his partner on the trip can’t help but enjoy a far better view.

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Anonymous Asked: I noticed and missed you! Glad all is well!

all is well, indeed :D

It’ll get better after like 18 hrs. of sleep lol

thanks! x

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inktober #20 , ❤️❤️❤️ sum smooches ❤️❤️❤️

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I don’t know if you’ve notice or care about my sort of absence or lack of activity and original posts on Tumblr but it was because since Oct 9th, I’ve been working from 12 to 13 hrs. a day, including saturdays and sundays at a convention centre (working on that book fair thing I think I mentioned once)…

Last night was the last day on that mad schedule. I haven’t rest properly and I find it hard to stay awake at the moment…

Tomorrow I’ll go back to my 8am to 5:30pm regular and normal work hours back in my office…I can’t wait to have a FULL day off and try to gain my energy back. I can’t wait to get back to the gym but I don’t think I’ll be going this week, all I want to do is sleep…

I miss making gifs and shit, and I actually decided to work on a fanvid/trailer based on a quite well known fic, so stay tuned for that…fuck it im gonna do it, I really want to hahah I cant remember when was the last time I worked on a fanvid so yeah it’s about time.

thanks for sticking with me, I mean, I’ve been “tumblr-ing” and trying to stay up to date, etc…but the whole work thing makes me feel a little bit off the loop on the fandom stuff…also did I mention I need to sleep? 

idk, I felt like writing (explaining?) this

it is monday, right?

ok, i think thats all I wanted to say atm  :P


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Someone is using my avatar pic as their twitter avatar and someone I followed Rt’d them and it was a very confusing moment.
Also….don’t use my avatar :( - I made it 2 yrs ago for this blog and I’m very emotional about it too
But who cares I know

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Martin Freeman, behind the scenes of Fargo

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"just the two of us against the rest of the world"

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Want some lembas bread?

Thanks, Legolas.

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Sherlock: Series 3 - Minimalist Posters

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I need more Jolto in my life

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