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sometimes it’s like I still see you walking about.

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Anonymous Asked: Where can I watch the all together? X

a TV? a computer? any kind of screen will do, really.










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Open Letter to Jamie Lloyd


Dear Mr. Lloyd,

First of all, let us to say a big thank you for making such an amazing interpretation of Richard III.

Both you and all the brilliant cast have put fantastic amount of work and time into it. Sadly, not everyone who wishes to see it is able to due to location, money or other…

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"Took Gordo to a specialist last month. Think he might have the autism."

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Scaring the shit out of all the Johns in town


“Not funny, Sherlock…”

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John lying in a hospital bed after getting shot, weak and tired, when Sholto walks in in his uniform; back straight, not a hair out of place. First John smiles, happy to see a familiar face, then he notices the serious expression. He opens his mouth to ask what’s wrong but his throat is too dry and he knows any way. He knows what’s coming and doesn’t want to hear it. As soon as Sholto begins with ‘Captain John Watson of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers…’ John crumbles inside. Sholto recites the regulation speech informing John that he is to be honourably discharged with full military pension, thanking him for his service and bravery. When Sholto finishes he stands in silence, torn between leaving and comforting, when John looks at him with tear brimmed eyes and rasps ‘James…’. Sholto returns his gaze, clenches his hands at his sides and says ‘I’m sorry, John. I’m so sorry.’

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A Complimentary Cocktail  - Transcript of third sketch from BBC comedy sketch show “Lewis Macleod is Not Himself ” S1E01 (x) A final attempt by the cast at effing the ineffable for this episode. IDEK … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*Haiwaiian music plays with waves gently lapping the shore*

Resort Attendant: Welcome to Waikiki Paradise Resort, Mr –

“Martin”:  Er … Freeman, as in,  I’m a free man, yeah? Free from the pressures of acting, and actors, and one particular actor who just won’t leave me alone. *nervous chuckle* Yep, just two weeks’ holiday getting away from him – er, it all, yeah. Getting away from it all.

Resort Attendant: Very good. Take a seat, and I’ll send over a complimentary cocktail -

“Martin”: Oooo lovely.

Resort Attendant: - expertly mixed by our tallest, poshest, most flamboyant cocktail waitress who happens to talk really really really really fast.

“Martin”: Erm, wait. Wha - what did you say?

Cocktail Waitress: Your drink, sir?

“Martin”: Now you listen here – wait, you’re not him. Oh, never mind, thanks for the cocktail – oh, it’s got a bit of fruit on a stick …

“Benedict”: Fooled you again! It’s me!

*fairy tale harp chords* [medieval choral chant] Ben-ne-dict Cum-ber-baaatch!

“Martin”: Oh, now, no – don’t be so ridiculous … what are you, my cocktail stick now?!

“Benedict”: Of course I’m a cocktail stick! I’m sharp and fruity, and often found in ladies’ mouths! It was the perfect disguise.

“Martin”: OK, fine. Er, would you at least stir my mojito?

“Benedict”: Of course.

“Martin”: Thank you, Burberdur Kerbedur!

“Benedict”: Close enough.

1st sketch here “Knock, knock. Who’s There? Benedict Cumberbatch.”

2nd sketch here “Fargo … and a moose called Benedict”

That’s all there is for now.

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Sherlock AU: It’s been a couple years but Sherlock’s time after the fall still haunts him.

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#Sherlock #a summary

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My first official (original) contribution to the fandom!



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Fargo and an effing moose - Transcript of “Fargo” sketch from BBC comedy sketch show “Lewis Macleod is Not Himself ” S1E01 (x) A second attempt at effing the ineffable. Someone on the writing team is familiar with the process of being Cumberbatched … 

 “Deputy Molly Solverson”: Oh, jeez, Mr. Nygaard. There’s been a murder!

“Martin / Lester Nygaard”: Aw, jeez, Deputy – aw, heck! Hey, you don’t think that’s got anything to do anything with Fargo, do you?

“Deputy Molly Solverson”: The town, or the movie?

“Martin / Lester Nygaard”: Oh, yeah, yeah. It’s not quite as good as the movie, is it? Hey, er … I hope you don’t suspect me of the murder, officer.

“Deputy Molly Solverson”: Oh  no, of course not. You’re just an innocent put-upon everyman.

“Martin / Lester Nygaard”: Yeah.

“Deputy Molly Solverson”: Besides, the only witness we have is a nearby moose, and he won’t be telling anybody who did it, that’s for sure.

“Martin / Lester Nygaard”: Oh yah.

*Lester goes over to the moose*

“Martin / Lester Nygaard”: Hey there, moose! Ya see who did that murder there?

“Benedict / moose”: [Sherlock voice] You know perfectly well that I saw the victim killed with a 24-ounce claw hammer, the favorite method of one particular Minnesota-based contract killer. Oh yes, I know who did it. But I’m not going to tell anybody until the last 5 minutes, when I’ll do so incredibly quickly, and use flashbacks, picking up impossible cues, and then call everybody an idiot, which you all are.

Hello, by the way, officer. The name’s Benedict Cumberbatch.

*fairy tale harp chords* [medieval choral chant] Ben-ne-dict Cum-ber-baaatch!

“Benedict / moose”: You’ll be falling in love with me in approximately 5 minutes, just as soon as you’ve got used to my face. I’m an acquired taste like lapsang souchong – distinctive, expensive, deep, rich, and surprisingly popular in China.

“Deputy Molly Solverson”: But – you’re a moose!

“Benedict / moose”: A cunning disguise, is it not? I merely sculpted my perfect hairdo into antlers, got down on all fours, and the illusion was complete.

“Martin / Lester Nygaard”: Don’t mind him, officer – he’s been following me around in every TV show and movie I do. I … I thought the accent might shake him this time, but no.

“Benedict / moose”: You’d better believe it. I’ll be back for some smoldering sexual tension later. But for now, I have to go and sprint majestically through the urban landscape.


“Martin / Lester Nygaard”: You take care now, Honkytonk Crumpetstash!  

1st sketch here “Knock, knock. Who’s There? Benedict Cumberbatch.”

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The Holmes brothers step outside for a quick ice lolly break.



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you’re like a party somebody threw me
you taste like birthday
you look like New Year

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Martin Freeman | Filmography

  • Love Actually [2003]
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