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Things I want

  • Martin Freeman
  • Martin Freeman
  • Martin Freeman
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kayrocat replied to your post: Freebatch, anyone?

I love. May I repost? Please? Pretty please?

I really hope you’re being sarcastic (regarding my no repost tags on this post) but if you’re not…Why in the bloody hell you want to repost it?

The reblog button is always functional in Tumblr in case you want to share a post with your followers, dear.

please don’t repost this post or any post…

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gonekrazy Asked: Hello, I say the lovely dancing manip of Freebatch (even though we're not into it) it is beautiful and perfect, just like you.


I’m really glad you like it! xx

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Anonymous Asked: I'm sure if Martin Freeman did found your blog he would love it and find it hilarious. XD

He’d follow me and you know it

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Carol Case (Costume Designer) talking about Lester’s “Look” in Fargo… (x)

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Sherlock and John walk into a gay bar…


… oh wait they deleted that scene.

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fuckoff-imacting Asked: If someone showed your post to amanda does that mean your url was on the post? Which mean... she knows about your blog now.. Which means ... Martin might know about your blog,which means .. HELPP xD

it seems like they just screencap the set of pictures, so I don’t think the name of my blog was displayed at all…but I’m not scared of her or Martin hahah

Martin, you should be proud of me XD

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letsplayjohnlock Asked: Max! Something terrible has happened! It's Friday and I didn't realize it because I've only seen one penis on my dash! Please help!

Who’s Max?!


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Freebatch, anyone?

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I’m actually diggin’ my new icon………………let’s see if this one lasts or I’ll miss my old one and  change it back again XD

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The shadow of a man

I’m nothing less

I am holding on, still holding on

And every now and then

life begins again

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