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[Full Size] John taking off his shirt for some reason. I don’t really need a reason, let’s be real here.

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sherlock creates a shortcut on john’s phone so that whenever he types sherlock’s name it changes to “my arousingly brilliant and surprisingly flexible husband”

john always forgets about it until he embarrasses himself while answering blog comments from his phone

finally john gets revenge by creating a shortcut on sherlock’s phone that changes “case” to “cock”

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alittlelostkitten : "I HAVE A NEED. John telling Sherlock that sherlock is beautiful while they do something like fluffy cuddles *^▁^*OMG I cannot even *dies from fluffiness* XD thanks again for the random giveaway win XD ♡♡ Love ur artttt XD"

Love you too darling! Hope this count as cuddles? In my mind they were watching some model/beauty shows such as ANTM on telly for no apparent reasons hahah

9th giveaway!

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I want nothing to do with you, if you don’t think John Watson has a large cock.

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am I starting to draw porn? what’s happening? idk

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Anonymous Asked: I'm seeing Martin today!

haha, jk!! ofc I’m jealous :P but enjoy the play!

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Martin Freeman | Filmography

  • Men Only (TV Film) [2001]
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Martin Freeman | Filmography

  • Exhaust (Short Film) [1999]
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john doesn’t realise what he does to sherlock. always.

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Remember when….?

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The Holmes Brothers (in a nutshell)

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Fargo bookmark #1: Lester Nygaard
Larger version

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I know, another photo from this session. John. In his long dashing coat. NO RING

I am as frustrated as every single one of you.

source: Sherlock promotion site of our public/national TV channel

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