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I constantly think about Martin Freeman masturbating or using toys in front of me. Each time I imagine how his face would look like or how his voice would sound like I always have the best orgasms.

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Just found another amazing Martin Freeman tumblr if anyone is as obsessed as I am.  Thank you watsonsdick !!! you’ve just made my day.

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And - yet another one … - Small - 2013 08 22 - ’ Unlocking Sherlock ’ Promotional Shot by Robert Viglasky

Open in new tab / window for               [624 x 351 pixels]                !

See       here      for the rest of this photoshoot.

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Nightmares and nothingness.

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Baker Street? He isn’t there anymore.

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bluescarfofjustice Asked: You have no idea how much I love your blog. It is simply amazing. I love your URL. I just love everything. It is one of my favourite blogs (sorry couldn't send fan mail so you get a "question")

aww thank you so much! I’m blushing now heheh

I love you, I love you all:

Marty kisses for everyone!

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honeyushouldseemeat221b Asked: Hey, just popped by to tell you that I love your URL. Because it's stucked in my head since I first looked for Sherlock on tumblr. So many tumblr's I went through, but will never, EVER forget this one.

aww thank you! so glad it caught you attention and you’re here :D

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"I don’t wanna brag, but I’ll be
The best you ever had”

Ain’t nothin wrong with John stealin Sherlocks coat, right?


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5k Giveaway Prize 2 - Sherlock as a 1970s Cop Show for wordwelder

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Poor John….he did not signed up for that!

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John Watson: With/Without Sherlock

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szoszo-k replied to your post “Honestly, sometimes your url puts me off and I get wild wishes to unfollow you. Then I remember how awesome blog you are and I think ‘naaah’, it’s still good. Though thanks for not putting Martin’s dick as your icon. Like, really, thank you.”

ehh… watsonsdick is a pretty softcore url in the sherlock fandom tbh

that’s a relief :P

(( woah sorry for the following, didn’t realize I typed this much ))

when I made this blog it was to blog about NSFW stuff exclusively about my OTP of my fave show (that is the main purpose of this blog) because almost 3 years ago I was still a bit shy about posting slash on my “main” blog (cos my IRL friends follow me there - they know now and they dont give a shit hahah)…

I’m obsessed with John Watson, so I wanted this blog to be mainly about him…and Martin Freeman, obvs.

So when it came to picking a URL, I honestly tried very innocent john watson ones…but they were all taken! :( so then I went a little dirty…and I clearly remember watsonsdick was taken so I went with dr-watsons-dick for like a year and a half and then I checked for watsonsdick again and it was available  and here we are :P

I’ve received both compliments and mockery regarding my URL (which ofc we all with “odd” or “witty” or “funny” urls get ) and I’m cool with every opinion, like…what does it matter? I like it, made me laugh when I first thought of it and it still makes me laugh and I’m sure Martin would shake his head if he sees my url/blog hahah but he’d get over it, so what? one more dirty “internet name”…

Some people just hit the “follow” button cos, idk maybe they liked something I made or whatever, and some don’t bother to look at the blog or what I usually post or take a look at my About Me page or dont even look at the URL…so yeah every time I reblog some PENIS I get some unfollows…but it also happens the other way around…haha so yeah, long ago I stopped worrying what I post/reblog, this is my space after all…it’s reaaally cool to share the same interests with lots of people and have discussions/fangirling about ‘em…but honestly I dont get stressed about what people expect of my blog…

yeah I’ve a “dirty/inappropriate” URL…but I also post baby pictures hahaha

this is me, I’m sorry…

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sansael Asked: Honestly, sometimes your url puts me off and I get wild wishes to unfollow you. Then I remember how awesome blog you are and I think 'naaah', it's still good. Though thanks for not putting Martin's dick as your icon. Like, really, thank you.

I love my URL

I don’t think I could stand to have Martin’s dick as my icon…but I certainly won’t ever stop talking and posting about it either

thanks for following “despite” of your discomfort for my URL

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AU - Johnlock

John’s PTSD developed psychotic features

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